Saturday, June 22, 2013

X-sheet scene_001 scene_027

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  1. These look good , Grady. Please make sure you post these and all other WIP files on the Group Directed Study discussion board .

    Also, I've got a standard 80 frame X-sheet template you can use if you'd like to have it . The 40 frame X-sheet template you're using is fine , but you have to print off more sheets to get the same amount of info as on one 80 frame sheet. Most of the time when studios are still using traditional paper X-sheets they are using the 80 frame sheets (although some places , like Disney, use X-sheets which have 80 frames (5 ft.) on the first page with lots of room at the top of the first page for scene notes, and then 96 frames (6ft.) on the second sheets ... so for example , if your scene has 4 sheets the first sheet would be 80 frames (5 ft. of 35 mm film) and the next three sheets would be 96 frames each (6 ft.) for a total of 11 ft. , which is 368 frames , or 15.33 seconds (at standard 24 FPS) . But an 80 frame X-sheet is the most common form of the X-sheet you'll find in use.